First and foremost, I love to teach. With more than a decade of experience as a professional vocalist, it is a great honour to share my knowlege with others who have a dream of singing for their lives.  I love to work with vocalists of all abilities, from beginner to pro. I also work with actors who need to brush up their voices for a role. Additionally, if you are a songwriter looking for some guidance I regularly perform songwriting workshops at colleges, schools and privately, around the country. 

In a vocal session we will cover:

  • Vocal Technique - range, intonation, style, strength, health

  • Vocal Therapy - for damaged voices

  • Vocal Coaching - for jazz, pop, rock, R&B, pure tone voice 

  • Microphone and Studio Technique

  • Ear Training and Sight Singing

  • Delivery, Stage Presence, Confidence

In a songwriting session we will cover:​

  • Lyrics - metaphor, rhyme schemes, story

  • Melody and Harmony - how the melody works with the chords

  • Song Structure 

  • Arrangement 

Loop Pedal Skills

  • Getting to know your loop pedal

  • Timing and feel

  • Arrangement and planning the song

  • Vocal techniques - beat boxing, body percussion, harmonies and layering

  • Bringing it to performance

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"At the time of my looping lesson with Joanna, I had eagerly purchased my RC-30 loop station in order to loop my vocals in live performance...and while there were a lot of YouTube tutorials out there, the information overload was overwhelming and I was pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my loops weren't in time. In just one lesson with Joanna, she not only quickly saw what I was missing and corrected me, she also showed me more features, guided me while I tried new things and basically got me all set up to play and practice on my own. She did all of this with patience, kindness and the ability to listen for exactly what I needed--we had some fun making music together, too. Within a matter of weeks after our session I was composing and performing live with my loop station. That thing would have been gathering dust in the box had Jo not empowered me with the support and knowledge I needed to dig in. I highly recommend her!!!" — Melissa Simenson, student. 

"I am a seasoned performer with jazz background and am always on a look out to learn from colleagues I respect. While my background is in acoustic jazz I have recently started to explore working with vocal loopers and voice processors for my new electronic dream pop project. Having learned about Jo Wallfish beautiful work which incorporates songwriting, jazz, folk, acoustic and electronic elements, I have reached out for a lesson. Jo was fully prepared to the lesson, with all equipment laid out and ready when I have arrived for the lesson and we dove right into it! The lesson and demonstrations were well structured and efficient - and Jo was patient and methodical in answering my questions and demonstrating ins and outs of her looping and vocal processing. Most of all, Jo was very inspiring and supportive in brainstorming the ways of howI can utilize the techniques I learned about from her in my own project. I left inspired and prepared to take my own project to the next level. — Svetlana Shmulyian, student.